5 steps to choosing the best floor plans for your house


The frustration of house floor plans

There are so many options to find the best house Mississippi house floor plans for your needs that it can be overwhelming. Have you been frustrated with the hundreds of house floor plan options that you have to try and sift through just by entering information under the search option? You might find house floor plans that look appealing, but the exterior is wrong for what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re looking for a plan you like, only to be told it costs too much to build in your market. Don’t worry, we have a clear process to guide you through choosing house floor plans effortlessly.

Understanding the process of choosing house floor plans

The process of choosing Mississippi house floor plans is basically a process of evaluating the needs of your new home, including things like how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want or need? How Many Garage Sheds Fit Your Lifestyle? And the biggest one is how many square feet you should build. Now, there are other important topics here, but we’ll cover them a little later. This is where you start sifting through the thousands of plan options available.

Many people buy books that offer a wide variety of plans, only to be frustrated by the fact that they can’t easily narrow down their search to just the plans that fit their needs. Hopefully, you’ll decide to simplify this process with a system that will help you narrow down the house floor plans that fit your exact needs. This is easiest to do with online plan sites. But there are pitfalls to this process.

What selection mistakes do most people make?

Most people start the process with their best guess as to what size home they should build. They either choose a size range based on a homeplans.com they found and liked while randomly searching online, or they check out a home they like and assume it’s the right size for their needs. There are frustrating problems with both methods.

Another common problem is deciding on a certain style or number of floors because you’ve seen or toured a beautiful home somewhere else, without researching other related options. What’s the best way to start this process, you ask?

5 steps you need to know

1. Research your current market building costs. Contact a local realtor or custom home builder and discuss the average cost per square foot to build a home in the style you like. Now understand that this is only an average because they cannot guess your personal taste and the finishing materials are a large part of the cost of a new home.

2. During these same discussions, ask questions such as the cost difference of building a single-level home versus a multi-level home. This is valuable information even if you plan on one level as your only option. This is because multi-level house floor plans cost less per square foot, so you can get more bang for your buck.

3. At this point, we assume that you have already explored your financing options and have a good idea of ​​your budget that you can apply to cover the actual construction cost of your new home. Start with that amount and subtract 10% right from the top. Finally, you will thank me for this advice. Everyone goes over budget during construction; even financial geeks can’t control every little thing that comes up.

Take that building’s net budget and divide that dollar

 Amount by the average construction cost per square foot you got from the real estate agent or builder. Since I hope they gave you the low and high range, this gives you two new numbers. These numbers are the low to high floor plan house floor plan sizes you should be looking for. If you decide to look at floor plans for a multi-level house, you will feel comfortable on the upper level of this number because your footprint will be lower.

4. Make a list of all the rooms or features you need or want in your home. A lot of people confuse this with how many rooms you need, we’ll get to that in a minute. It’s common for people to feel the need for more specific spaces than they actually need when evaluating how they can multipurpose a space.

From here you can create a list of rooms,

Such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and that list may be a little different than you originally thought. This is a good time to address the question of whether all bedrooms really need to be on one floor, or if you don’t remember the concept that a multi-level space costs less.

5. Realize that any online plan you look at can be customized for a very nominal fee compared to the cost of your new home. It takes a bit to get it just right and there is no such thing as a perfect plan because there is only one of you.

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