Office cleaning: how to protect your business?


The cleaning of work premises is an imperative for all companies, regardless of their size or sector of activity. Indeed, a clean and well-presented office has a real impact on the well-being of employees at work and on the image of the company. This operation, however, goes well beyond the classic cleaning which consists of a simple broom or rag and emptying the trash. We explain the importance of office cleaning and how to properly perform this operation to protect your business.

How to clean the offices of a company?

To be effective, office cleaning must carry out by a competent and experienced professional. The operation must also organize and be done in a methodical way.

Ask a professional to clean the offices of a company

Due to the strict standards governing hygiene in the workplace, cleaning of this space must carry out by a cleaning company close to the workplace. For example, to join a company for the maintenance of its offices in Paris, it is advisable to favor a specialist in the cleaning of premises located in the same city. The proximity of the professional guarantees you a speed in the realization of the work and avoids you to pay additional costs for the displacement of this one.

A professional also has the experience, skills and know-how necessary to provide you with a quality service that meets rigorous standards. He masters the different Rengøringshjælp techniques and, depending on the particularities of your work environment, he determines which ones will use. The specialist also has the equipment (tools and cleaning products) suitable for this type of work.

A company specializing in the cleanliness of work premises adapts

to your constraints and the professional discreetly carries out the task quickly. By entrusting the maintenance of your work premises to a specialist in the field, you save time and you realize significant savings. After the visit of the cleaning agents, you will find healthy and spar Operations, equipment and rooms to clean first

Before his intervention, the cleaning professional sets up an action plan. It determines the tasks to carry out as well as the equipment and rooms that must be sanitized first. Hygiene specialists in work premises clean rooms such as offices, the break room, the meeting room, etc. as a priority. They then proceed to clean the corridors, reception halls and stairs and finish with the sanitary facilities. With regard to the operations to carry out within these different rooms, certain tasks are common to all workplaces:

Ventilate each of the premises on which we work;

Dust all equipment in the offices (furniture, computer equipment, worktops, light fixtures, air ducts);

Dust shelves, tops of doors and cabinets, frames, radiators and other types of machinery;

Clean the common areas (kitchen, break room, meeting room, etc.) and the equipment present there (refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, etc.); One of the biggest steps in office maintenance is cleaning the restrooms. Tasks commonly performed at this level are:

  • Emptying the trash can, disinfection and replacement of bags;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the sink and equipment (mirror boards);
  • Washing the wall tiles between the mirror and the board then between the board and the washbasin;
  • Sweeping, washing and disinfection of floors ;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets and contact surfaces;
  • The replacement of hand towels, toilet paper and soaps.

Note that for a successful maintenance, it is recommend to work from the top down and to go from the cleanest to the dirtiest.

Cleaning business premises: why is it important?

Office maintenance consists of a general cleaning of the workspaces and the equipment they contain. It is above all a legal obligation for all companies. According to the regulations, each company has the obligation to provide its employees with clean and well-maintained workstations, in order to protect their health. It must also ensure the availability of sufficient numbers and the permanent cleanliness of the sanitary facilities.

Office cleaning has a considerable impact on the quality of life at work. A clean and healthy workspace contributes to increasing the feeling of well-being of employees at work. And to the comfort of visitors. This leads to increased employee productivity and development of the company. For the federation of cleaning companies, cleanliness is a criterion that 84% of French people consider essential in their workplace. And this percentage continues to grow a little more each year.

Since the office is a place of passage,

we note the presence of dust on the floor, furniture, work materials, etc. Shared spaces such as toilets, when they are not well maintain and cleaned regularly, are breeding grounds for bacteria and are conducive to the spread of viruses. Cleaning offices therefore helps to fight against the proliferation of bacteria and the transmission of contagious diseases. The offices are finally the reflection of the company. Therefore, well-maintained premises convey a good image to customers.

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