How to shrink your Polo shirts – A Short Guide


Want to get a snug and fitted look? Is your polo shirt too oversized that it makes you look baggy and distorted? Luckily, shrinking a polo shirt or any tee, in general, can make you look stellar in no time. Consider a job well done when you shrink your apparel the right way.

This guide is here to save the day for you. If you have oversized polo tees that need to look fit and suitable, it’s time to do some shrinking. Make polo an essential part of your wardrobe, and be ready to go out!

Whether you have a Jerzees 437W or Gildan G880, you can quickly shrink it to the required size! Here is how you can do it:

Use Hot Water:

One method of shrinking your jersey polo, or any polo for that matter, is to put it in hot water. Depending on your shrinkage rate, you can put it in either lukewarm or hot water. Cotton tees tend to shrink, even if they are preshrunk.

However, it is a different case with garments created from cotton blends. Fabrics like polyester, jersey, tri-blend, etc., tend to withstand shrinking, even in warm water. Additionally, pique polos are also versatile and resist shrinkage.

If one maintains a water temperature of about 140°F, you can get your polos to shrink. You must heat the water if you like to do your laundry manually. 

Avoid using a harsh detergent that can deteriorate your polo. Such detergents can destroy even trusted performance wear! Therefore, it is better to use a fabric softener to maintain the same quality.

People also avoid bleaching because it alters the color of their tee. Plus, it loosens the yarns of the fabric, making the garment lose its luster and durability. Always use a fabric softener to retain softness.

Boiling Water?

If you have a jersey polo, like Jerzees 437W, it will shrink around 2% to 3%. It is because the jersey is a man-made fabric that contains polymers. 

Even though you need considerable heat to shrink your polos, high temperatures can stiffen your garment. It is because polyester or jersey are man-made garments made from polymers that can stiffen up when heat is too high. 

Therefore, avoid using boiling water. It will not only harden your garment but also damage it beyond repair! Additionally, let your clothes not sit in hot water for too long; otherwise, you will compromise your polo shirt.

Use Dryer:

One way to shrink your polo is to put it in a dryer. A garment has care instructions written on its label. Once you check it out, you will see whether a polo is dryer-friendly. If it is, you can safely use the dryer.

Wash your polo shirt in a washer with a low heat setting. Once the cycle is complete, put it in a dryer. Put the setting of the dryer in a warm or hot setting. Let your polo sit in the dryer for the desired period. When you take it out, you will see the desired result.

Skip the Dryer?

Some garments mention that they are not dryer-friendly. Therefore, you can skip it and go with the usual air-dry method. 

Once you clean the polo shirt in a washer, let it dry outside. Hang it where the garment does not get direct sunlight but has a natural airflow. Let it out for a considerable time. The polo shirt will look hard for an hour or two, but it will eventually settle down.

Use Hot Iron Press:

You can skip all of these steps and directly employ this one! However, we recommend washing your polo in lukewarm water before ironing the garment.

Put your iron in a hot setting. Next, put your polo on a flat surface. Additionally, you would need a pressing cloth to lay your garment underneath the fabric to avoid damage. However, if you think you can handle ironing it bare, then no issues!

Keep ironing till you see some change in the garment. It will have shrunk a bit. Do it at specific intervals to not stress your garment. 

Some Precautions:

The methods mentioned above are tried and tested. However, you ought to keep some things in mind before you go ahead and do these steps!

  • Before putting your polo shirt inside hot water, turn it inside out. It ensures that the visible side of your polo is not damaged.
  • Wash each polo separately to avoid any color mixture. Some garments tend to expel out dye color. Additionally, you can wash like-colored clothes together.
  • Use a single-cycle setting when putting your polo in a washer because several washes can compromise the shine of your polo.
  • Avoid detergents that have bleach in them. Instead, go with homemade bleaching techniques such as citrus soak.

Final Thoughts:

We have given you a foolproof guide on washing and shrinking your polos. Polos are versatile garments and bound to shrink if washed in warm water. Therefore, use this shrinking property to your advantage to have that fit and trim look!

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