Difference between Live Streaming and Video On Demand


Many online video streaming companies now provide both on-demand and live programming. While Netflix and other on-demand OTT services are well known to us, we are less accustomed to subscribing to live video content unless it is tied to sports or other forms of similar entertainment. However, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all allow live broadcasts, which most of us are likely already aware of. Both video on demand and live-streaming services provide several advantages for brand recognition, such as a bigger client base and higher user engagement.

To ensure you have chosen the best option for your organization, the major concern is how to use live streaming and video on demand for commercial objectives. In-depth information about the distinctions between video on demand and live streaming, as well as the importance of each for your business, will be covered in this blog.

What is live streaming?

You can produce thorough and interesting content that vaguely mimics live TV in real-time thanks to live streaming technology! Here, the idea is around how content publishers or content creators harness their revenue-generating content in real-time to an audience that is watching live! This provides the maximum benefits of live streaming so that, as content distributors, you may release your carefully picked video as it is made with minimal delay between filming and experiencing it! Ideally, this kind of video monetization approach sets each sector apart based on its own current business niche requirements.

Benefits of live streaming

Deliver the content in real-time

Businesses may design their own timetables using the live streaming platform, engaging viewers at the most appropriate times. All eyes will be focused on the live stream for the entire duration of it. Additionally, companies can generate the necessary excitement prior to a live stream, ticket sales, or other events.

Simple and easy to use

Because live streaming is still relatively new, the landscape isn’t as crowded yet. This makes it reasonably simple for new enterprises to connect with their consumers and take advantage of live streaming before their competitors do.

Expand audience reach

Live streaming can be used to target specific niches, much like events. This fosters a feeling of exclusivity and keeps a small but highly engaged audience. Live streaming can be used to reach out to groups that aren’t as engaged as others, which is very helpful for businesses.

Real-Time Experience

Users may connect with your businesses and have all the information they need to comprehend your products throughout a single experience thanks to online streaming service providers. This feeling of individualized connection between your brand and its targeted users can be created by you, as a content creator.


Take live polls, respond to the results, and offer interactive live-streaming participation to get in touch with your audience. The crucial advantage of internet streaming allows you to give more ownership of your finished product and strengthen relationships with customers.

Save Money

Fortunately, the best live streaming platforms allow everyone to simultaneously watch broadcast live material while just incurring one-time expenses. Let’s imagine that training sessions are available to all employees at predetermined virtual times, and you are free to join them in person from anywhere in the world!

What is a Video on Demand?

On-demand video production and distribution are very similar to conventional methods. Create a video clip, post it to a video-sharing site, and make it accessible to your audience for viewing. The manner in which videos are seen and transmitted has changed as a result of VOD streaming. These days, VOD services are popular because more individuals than ever are adopting internet streaming. The antithesis of live streaming, which allows viewers to watch videos whenever it’s convenient for them from any Internet-connected device, is on-demand streaming. VOD streaming encompasses more than just Netflix binge-watching. The beauty of streaming video on demand is the simplicity it offers consumers to watch informative and entertaining content virtually from anywhere.

Benefits of Video On Demand 

More production time and fewer mistakes

In on-demand videos, there is always the potential for improvisation because they are pre-produced. Fewer mistakes result from longer production times. The production process may take longer, but it gives content producers the chance to refine their work for the finest outcomes.

You get post-production time

Where the magic of editing happens is in post-production. That is where the unfinished videos that content creators produce are converted into fascinating stories.

Usage of creative tools

You can utilize more creative tools than with online streaming because on-demand streaming videos allow for editing. Video producers have plenty of time to develop and carry out their original ideas because of the length of the production and the room for post-production. Digital tools that are pertinent to creators can be used in place of live-streaming videos.

Variety and suitability

Before release, video-on-demand content can be altered and polished to your specifications. This makes it simpler for you to create videos that are even more likely to become viral than online streaming. There is flexibility for experimentation and the use of various effects to give your material much-needed variety.


On-demand videos have better production quality. In addition to post-production, where you can add visuals and make adjustments, the footage can have a higher definition. Additionally, because live streaming consumes far more bandwidth than VOD production, live streamers don’t need to worry as much about internet speed. When online streaming, creators may have to sacrifice visual quality in order to reduce latency and guarantee that viewers can access the show.

Live streaming is a fantastic method to expand your brand online and engage a larger audience. However, video on demand is equally important if you want to assure greater company success and create a reliable asset for the future. The greatest way to build a holistic streaming business that impresses your audience increases income, and will help you get through whatever crisis comes next is to combine live streaming and VOD.

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