Here are Best Things you Should know about Hibiscus Tea


Teas are of varied types, with each type of tea offering you a different set of benefits. Overall, tea is good for your heart and your immune system, boosts antiaging, keeps the bad radicals off, helps you lose weight, and maintains your overall health and wellness. When talking about the different kinds of green teas, hibiscus tea is one variant that is gaining popularity in recent times, thanks to its rich aromatic flavor and its soothing comforting notes. Here are some interesting facts about the organic hibiscus tea any tea lover must know.

Best Things To Know About Hibiscus Tea

The Source

Hibiscus rose tea is brewed from hibiscus flowers, also popularly known as horse shoe flowers. These flowers are native to most tropical and subtropical countries such as India, China, Thailand and Mexico. You can even find these flowers in South Africa.

Traditionally, the flowers, stems, leaves, and seeds were used in the preparation of various medicines due to this flower’s excellent medicinal properties. Today, this tea is used in the manufacture of teas, jams, jellies and even sauces.

The hibiscus flower or the extract of hibiscus flowers is most commonly used for the preparation of organic hibiscus tea. Sometime the calyxes of the flower may also be dried and used in the preparation of hibiscus tea bags or loose hibiscus tea.

Flavor Profile

If you happen to chew a petal of the hibiscus flower, you will find it to be tangy and sweet. Brewed hibiscus tea from hibiscus tea bags or loose tea is fruity, tangy, sweet and sour in its flavor profile. It has notes of astringency too. Some people liken the flavor and notes of organic hibiscus tea to that of cranberries.

The Best Way to Have Hibiscus Tea

The most common way of having hibiscus tea is brewing it hot, especially when you live in cold climates, the winters have set it or when you are suffering from sore throat or the flu.

Iced hibiscus tea is excellent too. It makes for a refreshing drink when the temperatures are soaring and you need something healthy to cool you down. This tea has absolutely no calories or sugars making it all the more guilt-free indulgence on those hot and sweaty summer days and evenings.lower

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

We already mentioned that hibiscus flowers were used in many branches of ancient medicine for their medicinal properties. Here are some of the health benefits you can expect with organic hibiscus tea.

  1. Hibiscus tea lowers your blood pressure and prevents the risk of heart diseases. This quality can be attributed to the presence of tannins, compounds present in tea which help maintain your heart health.
  2. Hibiscus flowers are known to prevent inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties make them the ideal supplement when you are fighting diseases such as arthritis, cancers, tumors, heart diseases, and conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
  3. The cholesterol-lowering ability of hibiscus may be beneficial for those struggling with high cholesterol levels and looking for supplements that help them maintain their cholesterol levels and heart health.
  4. Hibiscus extracts are known to fight various types of bacteria including food-borne bacteria such as salmonella and staphylococcus and certain pneumonia causing bacteria.

Additionally drinking hibiscus tea also helps in weight loss, keeps your liver healthy and helps fight many diseases. Hence, making a cup of hibiscus tea a part of your daily routine is a wise call.

Instructions to Brew Hibiscus Tea

The processes of brewing hibiscus from organic hibiscus tea bags and tea leaf are pretty standard. Just follow the normal process as you would do to brew a cup of green tea.

For brewing tea using dried hibiscus petals, bring a cup of water to boil in a pan, add a teaspoon of the dried petals, let the concoction simmer for 5 minutes, strain and enjoy. You can add honey, ginger or any additive of your choice to make it more delicious.

Organic hibiscus tea is excellent for you. If you love your tea, or if you are planning to start having green tea as a part of your everyday routine, do add hibiscus tea to your must-haves.

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