Interesting Packaging Ideas For Custom Candle Boxes


Candles are a rich and delicate commodity that is highly sought after worldwide for various uses, including house décor, remodeling, and commemorating particular events.

Candles are used for illumination and adornment during special occasions and everyday life. Along with the candle itself, packaging for candles is also crucial. Consequently, you want Custom Candle Boxes for your packaging needs.

You might have to purchase candle packaging boxes with your logos when you first start your handmade candle business. You may also have queries about the best type of candle box packaging. How should my candles be packaged? It is the least expensive method to ship candles.

What Are the Custom Candle Boxes?

Candle boxes are cardboard containers used to package candles.
Candle boxes come in various sizes and configurations, including square and circular forms, shoulder candle boxes, and magnetic candle boxes.

The candle box’s advantage

  • Candles should be given physical protection.
  • Fulfill the demand for social interaction
  • Enhancing the purchasing experience for consumers
  • How Are Candles Packaged?

    Many different types of candles are available on the market, and most of them are packaged in glass bottles, which are delicate and need to be considered while packaging candles.

    To package the candles, there are some packing suggestions.

  • Durable and appropriate shipping box
  • Packing filling material
  • Durable and appropriate shipping box-There are numerous shipping box options, including three-layer boxes, five-layer boxes, and even seven-layer boxes. The 5-layer box is a wise choice because it is reliable and reasonably priced.

    However, the package size is another crucial consideration. In addition to adding extra filler, using a giant shipping box can raise the shipment cost.

    Packing filling material-Colored shredded cut paper, often known as crinkle paper, is gentle on the environment and a soft filler for gift packaging. There are numerous hues of crinkle paper, including red, blue, green, white, brown, and others.

    Ideas for Candle Packaging Using Single Candle Boxes

    Single candle Boxes, which weigh between 150 grams and 400 grams, make up the majority of candle sales. Glass jars or tin cans are the typical containers used to store candles.

    The following three cardboard materials are typically used for Single Candle Boxes packaging.

  • Chipboard packaging
  • Rigid cardboard packaging
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Paper tube packaging
  • Chipboard Packaging for Candle
  • Chipboard, heavy-duty cardboard with a weight range of 300-450 gsm, is used in candle packaging. The most typical packaging material for Single Candle Boxes is this form of cardboard.

    A packaging lining made of corrugated board is required to increase the strength of the chipboard single candle box.

    The most economical packaging for candles is chipboard, which is used to make candle boxes.

    The logo and pattern can be printed directly on the cardboard, and additional printing methods like hot foil, screen printing, embossing, etc., are acceptable.

    Rigid Cardboard Packaging for Candle

    A composite packaging box serves as a rigid box. Rigid cardboard is a type of cardboard that ranges in thickness from 1 to 3 millimeters. It is flexible and can be formed into any shape, but it cannot be printed directly on, necessitating the use of another thin paper that is adhered around the rigid board.

    The method of creating rigid cardboard candle packaging boxes is rather challenging. Its most noteworthy advantage is the ability to create many irregular and heart-shaped shapes.

    The sturdy cardboard candle gift boxes are ideal for branding candles that exhibit individuality and delicacy.

    Corrugated Packaging for Candle

    The corrugated board gift box works well for shipping candles since it is built of multiple layers with a wave board inside, making it strong and shockproof.

    For candle delivery boxes and candle subscription boxes, lightweight corrugated cardboard works well.

    Paper tube Packaging for Candle

    The cardboard tube is rolled with kraft paper into different diameters, and the diameter of the cylinder can range from 4 cm to 26 cm. The paper tube box, also known as the cylinder gift box, is formed of a multi-layer of kraft paper.

    The machine-made paper tube cylinder is an excellent packaging option for obtaining a low-cost cylinder candle box.

    Candle Packaging Ideas for Packaging Candle Gift Boxes

    Usually, candle gift packages come with several candle bottles. A range of candle gift box sets has been introduced by an increasing number of branded candle merchants in response to the diversification of consumer demand.

    The candle gift sets are perfect as presents such as a Valentine’s Day gift, a housewarming present, a gift for a birthday, etc.

    Making candle gift boxes is a challenging packaging procedure that requires careful consideration of packaging structure, material choice, and skill.

    For wholesale candle gift box sets, there are five standard box designs.

  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Dispatch Boxes
  • Lid and Base Boxes
  • Foldable Boxes
  • Magnetic Boxes
  • Manufacturers with experience in the field can assist with candle packaging structure design, address packaging materials, and enhance the manufacturing procedure. For a brilliant candle packaging idea to be practical, packaging designers, retailers, and producers must work together.

    Custom Candle Box Add-Ons

    Designers provide a wide range of alternatives to make your luxury candle boxes more attractive and eye-catching. Additionally, it has a wide variety of add-ons. Your packages will stand out more as a result of these. Designers can assist you in coming up with the ideal look, whether you want to add a ribbon, tag, or sticker.

    Additionally, we give discounts for large orders, so the more you buy, the more money you save! The following are some of the most notable add-ons that offer for that purpose:

  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Inserts
  • Conclusion:

    In conclusion, custom candle boxes can improve both the visual appeal of your brand and the appearance of your candles. A company name or logo could be displayed on the boxes. You can even use adorable ribbons and fake flowers to decorate them.

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