What are custom mailer boxes and their benefits?


Among these products, there are also luxurious products which require safety from any form of damage during the shipping process. Then after some head-scratching came the idea of custom mailer boxes. 

The advancement of technology has had a real impact on our world. This impact can be taken in both positive and negative ways but for now, we’ll stick to the positives. It has made our work so much easier. We can now buy and do different kinds of stuff from our homes without the need of moving from place to place. This was the start of e-commerce and now It has become one of the most popular ways of buying and selling products. Now through e-commerce, millions of products are shipped to consumers from country to country.

Custom mailer boxes

Custom mailer boxes have a strong structure which provides the necessary security for the products stored inside them. It can be adjusted into any size depending on the product. Now the sellers use custom printed mailer boxes Canada to ship the customer’s products. Another advantage of these boxes is that they are cheap. If you are looking for economical priced custom printed mailer packaging wholesale then I suggest you buy it from Viveprinting Canada. We have these custom mailer boxes available in all sizes, shapes and colors. Visit our website Viveprinting.ca and place your order now.

What are mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are rectangular boxes which are normally used in the packaging industries to keep the products inside them safe from environmental damage. These boxes can also be called shipping boxes because the product sellers use these boxes to ship products to their consumers. Custom mailer boxes have flaps on their opening which interlock to close off the packaging box. These boxes are strong and do not let any form of external pressure damage the objects within them. Viveprinting is known for its packaging products. These custom printed mailer boxes Canada are also one of our best sellers in the market.

Custom mailer boxes:

The idea of custom mailer boxes is a recent one. Before this, simple mailer boxes were enough for any business to ship products, but what changed? Currently, the market is packed with products which are similar to one another. To differentiate your product from theirs you need to change your product packaging. This is where custom mailer boxes were first introduced. The companies decided to have their logos and designs on these custom mailer boxes so that people would know that their packaging boxes are different from the rest. Among the customization, you can change mailer box colors, add different coatings, create your custom mailer boxes with picture designs and many more. It is a unique way of gaining an edge over your competitors.

Choosing the right materials to manufacture mailer boxes:

If you are a product seller then your priority must be to manufacture a reliable product. To achieve this, you will need to have detailed knowledge about the materials which are going to be used. This is why the material selection is very important because if you fail in creating a high-quality product then no one will buy your product. This will cost you huge amounts of money.

should be sturdy because it has the responsibility of protecting the products inside them. If they are not made from the right materials then these boxes will get damaged during the shipping process. We at Viveprinting Canada use corrugated material to develop custom mailer boxes. This material provides durability to our mailer boxes. In addition to being durable, it also enables the concept of customization on these boxes, meaning that if you want with picture designs for your specific company, it is also possible. Visit Viveprinting.ca for more details.

Designing custom mailer boxes:

Custom mailer boxes can store any form of product inside them hence it is quite difficult to design. There are many different versions of out there but they all serve the same role. Some manufacturers are adding inserts into to increase their security and some are developing with picture designs to get more market share.

Our team at Viveprinting are capable of creating any custom mailer box design. If you have just entered the market then avail our custom printed mailer packaging wholesale. It is cheap and it can help you get off to a good start.

Types of custom mailer boxes:

Custom mailer boxes which are available here at Viveprinting are as follows.

Kraft mailer boxes:

Here at Viveprinting, we use Kraft material to make kraft mailer boxes. Kraft mailer boxes are lighter than simple mailer boxes. Our team at Viveprinting Canada make the best kraft mailer boxes for shipping products. If you want to buy these, then get in touch with our representative at Viveprinting.ca. 

Cardboard mailer boxes:

To make cost-effective cardboard mailer boxes we use cardboard material. Cardboard material is light in weight and comes in very handy if you want to use cheap shipping methods. Get cardboard mailer boxes in bulk through our custom printed mailer packaging wholesale. It might do you wonders.

mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are used when a luxurious item is to be shipped to a different country. Material is one of our finest and also one of our most durable materials. It provides the best security to a product because of its thickness. Get the best custom printed Canada from us at Viveprinting.

Types of corrugated mailer boxes:

Corrugated mailer boxes have further types themselves. These are mentioned below.

  • Single wall mailer box
  • Double wall mailer box
  • Triple wall mailer box

Importance of printing on custom mailer boxes:

Printing on any packaging product enhances its look. It creates a great perception in the minds of the consumers regarding the product. Every company tries to achieve this but they lack creativity. staff and also the best machines which can produce high-quality prints on your packaging boxes. Through the use of our CMYK and Pantone color printing schemes you create a vibrant-looking mailer box. Get in touch with our team if you are willing in buying .

Benefits of using mailer boxes:

Secure shipping:

Custom mailer boxes are one of the safest options when it comes to shipping products. The structure of mailer boxes helps in protecting the products from environmental damage. Companies or businesses which sell products online use mailer boxes to deliver the products to the consumers. Get these mailer boxes from Viveprinting.ca.


Viveprinting is always ready to help small businesses grow. For them, we have our custom printed mailer packaging wholesale at low prices. Buying mailer boxes in bulk can help them kickstart their journey. If you have any questions, you can ask our representative at Viveprinting.ca.


All the materials which are used here at Viveprinting for the manufacturing of mailer boxes are recyclable. We have always pushed to reduce environmental pollution through our biodegradable packaging boxes. We are setting an example for all the others as well. Our product boxes decompose when there is no use for them. Their decomposition does not cause any harm to the environment.

Why choose us?

On-time delivery:

Viveprinting is famous for its on-time deliveries. Whenever our team receives an order, they work tirelessly to produce the dire product. We have a habit of completing orders on time. After completion, our staff delivers them to your doorstep without extra charges.

Customer satisfaction:

The main goal of the people working here at Viveprinting is to please the customers. work day and night to give our customers the best end product. Have always tried to replicate our consumer’s imaginations onto the product itself. if our customers are happy with our products then we are doing a good job.

If you like our custom mailer boxes, then you will also appreciate our bestselling die-cut boxes and rigid boxes. Visit Viveprinting.ca and get your custom printed mailer boxes Canada.

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