How to Solve a Rubik’s Speedcube in 10 Seconds or Less


Even if you’ve never solved the rubik’s cube before, you can probably solve it in less than 10 seconds once you get the hang of it. The key to solving it quickly lies in knowing the basics and understanding that speedcubing isn’t about seeing how many moves you can make but rather making as few moves as possible while still getting to the desired outcome. Learn these strategies and strategies on how to solve a rubik’s speedcube, and soon you’ll be turning your six-sided puzzle into an art form!

Understanding the cube

The first step understands the cube and how it works. The goal is to scramble up the colors on each side of the cube and align them all into the same color on each face. Once you have mastered this, you are ready to solve it.

To begin solving a rubik’s speedcube, look for patterns that match two pieces that is next to one another on an edge. This will help you start with one square side of the cube solved and allow you to work your way around until you have completed it. If this doesn’t make sense at first, try watching videos for help or practicing with an online simulator before trying your hand at solving a real one!

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The cross

To solve the rubik’s speedcube, first orient the puzzle so that the white cross on one of the sides is facing you. Next, follow these steps:

1) Match up two adjacent sides of the cube so that they can’t move anymore.

2) Match up two more adjacent sides with their center pieces.

3) rotate just one side 90 degrees so that all three matching blocks are aligned on the same row.

4) Repeat step 3 until all six pairs of blocks are lined up, then move on to step

5) Turn each side clockwise as far as it will go without moving any other pieces. You should now be able to see a green face on each side of your cube.

The corners

Here are the steps that you need to take if you want to solve a rubik’s speed cube.

1) Position the top layer of the cube so that one of its corners is pointing towards you.

 2) Find and twist the next layer clockwise so that it becomes positioned above the bottom layer.

 3) Find and twist the third layer clockwise until it becomes positioned above the second layer, which should now be on top of both layers.

4) Repeat step three until all six layers are in place and situated atop each other with their colors aligning with each other as well.

The last layer

Once you have completed all the other steps, you need only focus on the last layer. The steps for solving this layer are as follows:

1) Take the yellow cross piece and insert it into the slot in the center of the cube. 2) rotate it so that it is sticking out of one side of the cube. 3) Take one of the white corners and insert it into a hole on an adjacent face, with that corner pointing towards you. 4) Push that corner down until its slot matches up with another hole on an adjacent face and rotate until it locks into place.

Putting it all together

Do you want to learn how to solve a rubik’s speed cube? Here are some steps.

1) There are six edges on the right and left that must be solved before moving on.

2) Take one edge, for example the upper-right corner, and rotate it until it’s flipped over so it matches the other side of the puzzle.

3) Repeat this process with each edge until all six of them have been solved.

4) After completing step 3, there will be 8 corner pieces on one side of the cube and 12 face centers on another side of the cube (6 red and 6 blue). Start by aligning two center pieces so they match up with two opposite corners from step 1. Next, take one face center and find a corner piece that is not matched. Then take the correct corner piece from step 1, flip it over if necessary, and use it to pair up with the new face center you just placed down. Keep repeating these steps until all twelve of your faces are matched up with their respective colors. Finally, use one final flip move to solve your rubik’s speed cube!

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