What are kraft card boxes?


Modern-day people have evolved from what they used to be. Their way of living, judging and choosing has totally changed. Kraft card boxes have characteristics which can fulfil the above-mentioned requirement Now, to satisfy the people, product-selling companies try to focus on the current world trends. They try to bring unique styles with bold colour choices in their products to attract customers. This strategy has worked wonders. Surveys have proved that unique-looking products sell more than simple products. Small businesses can also use this opportunity to make their name in the market. They would require a cool product packaging box which could showcase their product elegantly to the customers. s. Kraft card boxes can be cut into any shape and size depending on the customers’ demands. If you are searching for the best custom kraft boxes packaging services UK then I will recommend you Viveprinting. We provide the finest kraft cardboard whole boxes in all of the UK. Visit our website at Viveprinting.uk and place your order now.

Kraft card boxes:

Kraft card boxes are made from kraft and cardboard material. material is one of the finest and most durable materials out there. can be cut into any shape which means that no matter what product you want to fit in kraft card boxes, it is doable. can withstand external pressure and keep the products safe during the shipping process.

are very light compared to other packaging boxes, but their strength is immense. These boxes are dark-coloured and can be customized to any extent to match the customer’s needs. We at Viveprinting UK provide custom kraft boxes packaging services UK which include the designing and printing of custom kraft card boxes. Feel free to visit our website if you have any inquiries.

Customization of kraft card boxes:

Customization is a key factor when it comes to creating a product which is different from the rest. It can help you increase your product sales and take a major portion of the market. There is a reason why kraft card boxes are one of the best packaging solutions. These boxes can adapt to any product. It doesn’t matter if the product is small or large, kraft card boxes can be designed according to them. A ton of different kraft boxes made for specific purposes. lids that can help in keeping the product safe inside them. Also luxury kraft gift boxes which are specially designed to give out as a gift to your loved ones. Luxury kraft gift boxes can be modified further by adding coatings and custom designs to enhance the look of the packaging box.

Materials used in kraft card boxes:

To make the best product possible it is essential to use the best materials. We have seen this flaw many times before when a company advertise many features on their product, but in reality, the product is not capable of doing anything. What this does is it creates a negative perception in the minds of the customers about your product, and you don’t want to do that. 

We at Viveprinting have never falsely advertised anything. In kraft card boxes case we use kraft materials to manufacture them. The kraft material is light and provides the necessary safety to the product inside it. The kraft material which we use can hold any custom print on it meaning that a customer can add different patterns along with their logos on it. There is also no chance of tear and wear on our kraft boxes. 

You can get custom-made kraft boxes at low prices through Viveprinting. We have the best custom kraft boxes packaging services UK. Make sure to check out our products at Viveprinting.uk. 

Designing of kraft boxes:

People have always admired creativity. It doesn’t matter if it comes in the form of art or design it is appreciated nevertheless. The design of packaging boxes is also a work of art. As the market is highly competitive, you need to think outside the box to stay level with it. Designing unique packaging boxes for both retail and shipping purposes is very crucial. It allows you to create your own identity.

We at Viveprinting have the best people who can create distinct packaging boxes. If you are interested in our kraft cardboard whole boxes then visit Viveprinting.uk. Our representative will get in touch with you there.

Printing on kraft card boxes:

High-quality printing on your product packaging box can enhance its look. The customers of this generation fall for those products which have art illustrated on it. To get the best printing on your kraft card boxes give Viveprinting a call.

Our team of professionals draw amazing art on the packaging of these boxes and after this our high-end printers glorify this art through their high-quality ink. We know each of our customers is different so we have CMYK and Pantone colouring schemes for our users. They can choose any colour or combine them to give their kraft card boxes a unique and inspiring look. Check the printing on our luxury kraft gift boxes after which you will surely choose us.

Another type of kraft boxes:

Kraft gift boxes:

Kraft gift boxes are very popular because of their elegant and cool design. These luxury kraft gift boxes are used to give your significant other presents. Its packaging is very charming and appealing to the hence giving these boxes are a good way of showing love. Viveprinting sells these luxury kraft cardboard whole boxes at low rates, so if you require the best custom kraft boxes packaging services UK then visit Viveprinting.uk.

Benefits of kraft boxes:

High-quality product:

Viveprinting has been producing high-quality products since the start. Our kraft boxes are also made from the best material and the customization options which are available for them intensify their look. 

Each product which is manufactured at Viveprinting is of the highest quality. Go check our other products as well at Viveprinting.uk.


Viveprinting has always taken measures to promote small businesses. We know that it is hard to move forward when marketing giants are looming over you. We provide new startups with cheap wholesale of our products. Grabbing this opportunity can help them gain an advantage over other competitors. Get our kraft cardboard whole boxes now at low prices. Visit Viveprinting.uk and place your order now.


All our products including kraft boxes are made from recycled materials. Viveprinting has always taken the necessary initiatives towards environmental pollution. We have set an example for others through our biodegradable packaging boxes. Our packaging boxes decompose themselves when they are not in use. This causes no environmental pollution. Even during our manufacturing process, there is no chance of any pollution. 

Why choose us?

On-time delivery:

Every single department here at Viveprinting works hard to complete our customer’s orders on time. We take each piece of information seriously that our customers provide us with, and we try to make their packaging boxes similar to what they had imagined. Once their order is complete, we deliver it to their homes in time without additional charges.

Customer satisfaction:

The employees here at Viveprinting push themselves to produce the best product for our customers. We know how valuable they are to us, so we work tirelessly to produce a product which fulfils their requirements. 

If you really like our kraft card boxes then you will also love our mailer boxes and pillow boxes. Visit Viveprinting.uk and place your first order now.

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