What To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery


If you’ve been considering dental implant surgery, you’re probably curious about what to expect after the procedure takes place. Dental implants are small metal posts that fit perfectly into your jawbone, making them look and function just like the real thing. Once the surgery is over, you can start brushing and flossing your new teeth just like normal, and your dentist will give you instructions on how to properly care for your implant teeth to keep them looking and feeling great for years to come!

Recovery Time

The recovery time after dental implant surgery is typically fairly short, but it’s important to be patient and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Immediately following surgery, patients can expect to experience some discomfort. The pain will be manageable with medication and shouldn’t last more than a few days. With full mouth dental implants, it may take up to three weeks for patients’ teeth to heal and new teeth will start appearing about six months after surgery.

There are multiple benefits that make full mouth dental implants worth considering: they look natural and there’s no visible evidence that they’re fake; they are easy to clean, since there are no metal brackets or wires; they have fewer side effects than other options like bone grafting procedures or dentures; plus, full mouth dental implants are a permanent solution.


You will be able to chew on the day of surgery but should avoid chewing foods that are too hard or sticky. You may also experience soreness, swelling and pain in your mouth. It is important not to drink alcohol or smoke for at least two weeks after surgery as it can cause dry mouth and make you more prone to infection.

You will need a follow-up appointment with your dentist four weeks after surgery for a final check up and removal of stitches if necessary. You should also have dental x-rays taken three months following surgery for full mouth dental implants as this allows your doctor to examine the health of the gums and bone tissue around the implant posts.


The day of surgery, and for the following week or so, the patient will be instructed to avoid food in the operated area. Patients should also use a straw when drinking fluids and rinsing their mouth out with water. When brushing their teeth, they should avoid brushing too hard on the gums near where they had surgery. The patient can resume normal oral hygiene after two weeks and should also avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol or peppermint oil until then. For those who have full mouth dental implants, many dentists recommend that patients brush their teeth twice daily with toothpaste and floss once daily during this time period.

Pain Management

Immediately after surgery, patients will experience mild discomfort and pain. Full mouth dental implants typically take one or two days for the numbing agent to wear off. Patients are often prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to help with recovery. In some cases, sedatives may be prescribed to help the patient sleep through the night after surgery. Patients should be able to resume normal activities within a few days of the procedure. However, patients should not eat anything until they have healed and discussed their diet with their surgeon beforehand.

In addition, they may need time before resuming contact sports or strenuous exercise as well. Full mouth dental implants usually take six weeks before any permanent teeth can be placed. For those who want an immediate solution, implant dentures can provide relief in just three weeks. Drs. Gupta and Bhatia make it easy to get your smile back by offering financing plans on full mouth dental implant procedures (see below).

Activity Level

It is important to understand what to expect immediately after dental implant surgery. The first day, it is common for the patient to experience pain, swelling and bleeding. For 24-48 hours after the surgery, patients must refrain from eating anything other than ice chips or clear liquids until their doctor approves solid food. It is also advised that patients avoid any strenuous physical activity for a few days following the procedure as well as heavy lifting. Patients may experience increased sensitivity in the mouth during this time period and should be careful not to bite down too hard on hard foods or brush their teeth too aggressively.

In most cases, full mouth dental implants can be placed at one visit with little discomfort. Following the procedure, it is recommended that patients take pain medications for a couple of days to ease soreness and relax muscles around the jaw. If biting feels painful or becomes unbearable during the first few weeks after dental implant surgery, doctors recommend chewing gum between meals while waiting for tissue recovery. Overall, patients are typically out of work only 3-5 days following full mouth dental implant surgery but they need to stay away from alcohol until their healing process has completed (usually two months).

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