Honda Civic Price in Sri Lanka: How Much Does It Cost?


The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in Sri Lanka, and in other countries around the world as well. Due to its high level of performance and its sensible pricing, the car’s popularity has risen even more over the last few years. However, with so many different versions of the car on the market, it can be difficult to determine which version will be the best fit for you, based on your budget and personal preferences.

The Different Models of the Honda Civic

Here are the different models of the Honda Civic and their prices for Sri Lanka.

The base model of the car, the Honda Civic LX 2.0 MT, starts at Rs. 7.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). It is one of the most popular editions because it offers a good balance between price and performance. In comparison to other cars on this list, it is decently priced for what you get with it.

In terms of features, it includes air-conditioning, power windows and mirrors, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and USB audio input as well as a six speaker sound system that comes with an AM/FM/CD player and MP3 playback capability.

The Prices of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a popular car in the US. But what about the Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka?

The Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka is determined by the size, engine and features of the vehicle.  There are many factors that affect the Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka, like availability of parts and labor costs. Honda Civics has become more expensive due to inflation on goods imported into the country. These prices will continue to increase as we enter 2019, so it’s important for buyers to know the Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka before purchasing one. Honda Civics start at Rs 18 lakh for the base trim (S) and range up to Rs 8,754,000 for an Accord Hybrid with the most features,

What You Get for Your Money

The Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka is currently at 8,754,000. 2021 Honda Civic Sri Lankan Rupees. This is the most recent pricing for this vehicle. The Honda Civic price can fluctuate depending on the year of production and includes additional features. In general, newer models cost more than older ones with the same features. All cars have a registration fee that ranges from Rs. 1,000,000 to Rs. 12,000,000. There are also shipping costs if you’re importing or exporting a car and these are usually paid by the buyer or seller. You will also need a loan to buy your new car and they start at around 2 million rupees and go up from there depending on credit score and how much money you want to borrow.

How the Civic Compares to Other Cars in Its class

The Honda Civic is a small car that has been a popular choice for many people for years. It is an affordable sedan with good gas mileage and it does not require much maintenance. T the Honda Civic price in Sri Lanka is Rs.8,754,000. With features such as keyless entry, electric windows and air conditioning, the Honda Civic offers a good value to those looking for a reliable sedan. It also offers 4-wheel ABS brakes which can come in handy on wet roads or while you are driving on steep hills. Other features include power side mirrors, electric seat adjuster, central locking system and alloy wheels with covers.

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