11 Tips to Create Amazing Pinterest Images


Pinterest is a visual social media platform. It enables users to share and discover new images. As a result, high-quality Pinterest images are essential to success on the platform. It has become a top traffic source for many brands and businesses, so creating killer Pinterest images is more important than ever. As this platform is all about visuals, you must ensure that your images are high quality, interesting, and appeal to your target audience. Here are the tips for creating amazing Pinterest images:

Use High-Quality photos

Like Instagram, Pinterest is all about high-quality visuals. It means that you should be using sharp, clear, and vibrant images. Anything less than this will likely not get much traction on the platform. When selecting photos for your pins, make sure to choose ones that are of good quality and resolution. Also, avoid using copied or stock photos as much as possible, as they often look unappealing and generic. And if you use your photos, edit them to make them look their best. Tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom can be great for this. And by using CouponGot coupons and deals, you can subscribe to these tools at a huge discount. So there’s no excuse to give your best shot.

Make Use of Text Overlays

Text overlays mean adding text to your images, which can be a great way to make your pins more eye-catching and interesting. When used correctly, text overlays can help convey the message of your pin more clearly and effectively. They are a great way to make your pins stand out, especially if you use attractive and eye-catching fonts. They can also be used to highlight important information or call to action. When adding text overlays, ensure they complement the image and don’t look too cluttered. It is a criterion of some of the most popular pins on Pinterest.

Include a Call to Action 

Your images should also include a call to action (CTA). A CTA is simply an instruction or phrase that tells the viewer what they should do next. For example, you might include a CTA such as “click here to read more” or “visit our website for more information.” Including a CTA can be a great way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website or blog. It also helps to make your images more clickable, which is important since Pinterest is a visual search engine.

Choose the Right Size

The right size for a Pinterest image is 600x900px. This is the recommended size by Pinterest and will ensure that your image looks great on desktop and mobile devices. If you use an image that is too small, it will appear pixelated and low-quality. If you use an image that is too large, it will take up too much space on the screen and may be cut off when users scroll through their feed. However, some experts recommend using an image size of 1000x1500px to ensure your image is high quality and looks great when users click on it to enlarge it.

Make Your Images Eye-Catching

Your images should be eye-catching and visually appealing. It means that they should be well-designed, colorful, and interesting. Avoid bland or boring images, as they will likely not get much engagement. You can use free online tools like Canva or PicMonkey to design your images. By using coupons and deals, you can subscribe to these tools at a significantly reduced price.

Likewise, make sure your images are high-quality and clear. Poor quality images will not only look bad but can also reflect poorly on your brand. Using copied or low-resolution images is also a big no-no on Pinterest.

Make Use of Negative Space

One mistake many people make when creating Pinterest images is overcrowding the design. When your image is too busy, it becomes visually overwhelming and difficult to process. It often happens when too much text or the photo is too cluttered. To avoid this, make use of negative space. This is the space around the main subject of your image. You can create a cleaner and more appealing design by including more negative space.

Choose the Right Fonts

Another important aspect of creating Pinterest images is choosing the right fonts. The font you use should be legible and easy to read. It should also keep with the overall tone and style of your brand. For example, if you have a fun and quirky brand personality, using a playful font will help convey that. Opt for a sleek and modern font to create a more sophisticated image. The typography and font you use can make a big difference in how your image is perceived, so choose wisely!

The Brand Colors

You know your brand colors like the back of your hand. And for a good reason- they should be used in all your marketing and branding materials, including your Pinterest images! Incorporating your brand colors into your Pinterest images is a great way to make them recognizable and visually appealing. Plus, it will help you create a cohesive look for your brand on this social platform. Your brand colors can be used in several ways in your Pinterest images, such as in the background, as part of a pattern or design, or even in the text.

The Background

The background of your Pinterest image is just as important as the foreground. In fact, it is the key to a successful post. A busy and cluttered background will make your image look busy and cluttered, while a simple and clean background will help your image to pop. When choosing a background for your Pinterest images, think about what would complement your subject matter. For example, if you’re featuring a product in your image, you’ll want to choose a background that doesn’t distract from the product itself.

If you’re not sure what kind of background to choose, think about opting for a solid color. Solid colors are always a safe bet and can help to make your subject matter pop.

Create Infographics

Infographics are a great way to make your Pinterest images more interesting and engaging. People admire infographics because they are easy to digest and usually contain useful information. When creating an infographic, include a catchy title and visually appealing elements. Using the right colors is also important. You want your infographic to be eye-catching and easy to read. The use of whitespace is also crucial. Creating interesting and visually appealing infographics can help you get more pins and repins.

Create Short Videos

Nowadays, people love watching videos. You can use this by creating short videos to accompany your pins. When creating a video, make sure it is interesting and informative. It should also be short, sweet, and to the point. Videos that are too long tend to lose viewers’ attention. Short tutorials, reels, videos, or even slideshows are perfect for Pinterest. They also tend to perform well on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It is a great way to cross-promote your content.

Summing Up!

Pinterest is a powerful tool that can help you boost your business. It is a great platform to showcase your products or services. Following the tips above, you can create amazing Pinterest images that appeal to your target audience. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the results for yourself! Happy Pinning!

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