Do refurbished iPhones have new batteries?


Refurbished iPhones are a wonderful respite for people who otherwise cannot afford a brand-new iPhone. But, price alone is not the sole reason for a refurbished iPhone. It carries other benefits, too, and all in all, it presents a viable alternative to a brand-new iPhone. In this article, we will see what is the standard treatment an iPhone’s battery receives during refurbishment. If you want to know more about it, then please read below.

What is meant by a refurbished iPhone?

Firstly, let us see what a refurbished iPhone is. A refurbished iPhone is a presold device returned to the factory because of a manufacturing defect or because the buyer felt like it. In the latter case, the return is subject to Apple’s terms of sale, and the in case of the former, it is done during the warranty period.

Whatever the reason for the iPhone’s return, the crucial thing is what happens to it after it lands back in the factory. The company thoroughly inspects it and gives it a new look by removing its manufacturing and any other defect it may encounter. It also erases the previous data, installs new software, and assigns a new warranty. The phone gets an ‘as-good-as-new’ look and is resold at a lower price than the brand-new phone.

Is refurbishment only Apple’s domain?

Apple does a fine job of refurbishment. And as a general rule, refurbishment by the original manufacturer is considered the safest bet. But, several aftermarket companies also carry out refurbishment and sell refurbished iPhones. Wise Market, Australia is one such enterprise that does excellent refurbishment of iPhones and sells them at competitive prices. It would help if you gave it a try.

What is the difference between a new and a refurbished iPhone?

Probably, the most telling difference is that of the price. A new iPhone, an unused and sealed device, is sold at a high price, whereas a refurbished iPhone is cheaper than a new iPhone. Also, a refurbished iPhone may have some tell-tale signs of the previous usage like scratches, marks, chipped-off paints, etc.

However, depending on the extent of refurbishment, you may be unable to tell any difference between a new and a refurbished iPhone. It is because the outer frames, cases, and screens are often replaced during refurbishment. But, again, it depends on how detailed the refurbishment procedure is.

What should the battery health be on a refurbished iPhone?

We now come to the main topic and discuss the status of batteries on refurbished Apple mobiles. A battery is pivotal to any phone’s smooth working; without it, the phone cannot function. Phone users often complain about how their phone’s batteries start underperforming with time and cause problems.

Apple refurbished iPhones to get new batteries irrespective of how they were initially performing. It is a great incentive for buyers, as they will give an iPhone with a brand-new battery, and rest assured, it will continue to work without any issues for a long-time.

The aftermarket companies doing refurbishment may or may not change the battery in a refurbished iPhone. Again, we like to cite the example of Wise Market, Australia, which ensures that all its refurbished phones’ batteries perform at least 80% of their capacity. It changes the battery that fails to meet this criterion.

So, in a nutshell, we can conclude that refurbished iPhones have new batteries if they are refurbished by Apple or any other good company that cares about the quality of its refurbishment process and wants to give its customers a great product.

Other benefits of refurbished iPhones:

Besides getting an iPhone with a new battery, there are other advantages to purchasing a refurbished iPhone. And we present some of them below.

A budget-friendly option:

Refurbished iPhones are cheaper than new iPhones. And we all know how expensive a new iPhone can get. If you are on a budget, a refurbished iPhone is a great way to buy and own an iPhone. So, why spend a considerable chunk of your money on a new iPhone when you can buy a similar product at a lesser price?

Good for the environment:

Going for the refurbished iPhone is the wise and environmentally correct thing to do. The widespread use of refurbished iPhones will lower the pressure on the factory to produce new models. It will help save resources and reduce producing new phones’ much larger carbon footprint. You also contribute to curtailing e-waste by opting for a refurbished phone.

A tested and certified product:

You get a quality-assured, inspected, thoroughly inspected, and guaranteed product at a discounted price. It is the best deal and that too at a bargain. So, always choose a refurbished product; make sure that the company selling it has done a comprehensive refurbishment.

From where can you buy a refurbished iPhone?

Apple is a quality supplier of refurbished iPhones too. You can confidently buy refurbished iPhones from it.

Wise Market Australia is a credible online supplier of refurbished iPhones in the aftermarket. Its products carry a 13-months warranty and a 21-days money-back guarantee. The price and after-sale service are terrific too. So, give it a try.


A refurbished iPhone will have new batteries, depending on where you buy it. And, if given a choice between a used, refurbished, or new iPhone, we recommend you always go for a refurbished iPhone.

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