RenalCare Associates of Peoria, Illinois, Uses Acumen 2.0 to Manage Patient Groups


RCA, a nephrology practice in central Illinois, is using the MyChart portal and the Reporting and registry capabilities of Acumen 2.0 to better manage patient groups. With this platform, patients can log into the portal to request appointments and communicate directly with their doctors.

RCA is a nephrology practice in central Illinois

RCA is a nephrology practice in central Illinois. The practice manages populations in two inpatient co-management contracts as well as in the Central Illinois ESRD Seamless Care Organization. The practice uses Epic’s MyChart portal, an easy-to-use feature that provides patients with access to their medical records and allows the physician and the patient to schedule appointments. RCA also uses the Care Everywhere network, which allows them to import patient information from other Epic providers.

The company has a unique mission: to improve the lives of kidney patients by providing best in class clinical resources, analytical insights, financial backing, and most importantly, patient-centric care. They are also committed to transforming kidney care by enabling nephrologists to take a leadership role in patient care.

The company believes that the status quo is unacceptable and is committed to a bold new vision: transforming kidney care to the home. In order to accomplish this goal, they are building a kidney care model that focuses on partnering with nephrologists in local markets. They are also committed to delaying disease progression and getting patients the organ transplants they need.

The company’s mission is encapsulated in its go acumen 2.0 system, which is an advanced population management tool that facilitates Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding, medication reconciliation, patient education, and problem-list upkeep. The system also offers reporting capabilities and a registry. These features provide the practice with the data it needs to improve patient care. It also allows the practice to demonstrate its commitment to patient health and to demonstrate continuous performance improvement.

RCA is also using Acumen 2.0 to help them cope with a changing health care landscape. By using the system’s capabilities, the practice can better manage patient groups and demonstrate better patient outcomes. The company also believes that it is an important tool for smaller private practices to demonstrate continuous performance improvement. The company has partnered with Epic Systems to develop the Acumen 2.0 system. As a result, the practice is able to efficiently capture complex patient diagnoses and records, such as maturation and disease-specific therapies.

The company’s mission is to empower nephrologists to provide the best possible care for their patients and is committed to delaying the progression of kidney disease.

MyChart Acumen portal allows for direct communication with patients

Having access to your health information via a patient portal can be a great way to manage your care. It can be used for everything from viewing test results to scheduling appointments. Patients can also send messages to their provider. Some portals even offer other features. For example, some offer reminders to make appointments.

One of the most popular features of a patient portal is secure messaging. Similar to email, this feature allows patients to send messages to their providers. The provider will review the message within 24 hours and respond to it. It will also become part of the patient’s medical record.

One question patients often have is what is considered appropriate messaging. This may vary for patients with different conditions. In addition to sending messages, patients can also ask questions to their providers. They can also request an update to their record. Some patients are concerned about imposing on their providers’ time. Others worry that providers aren’t compensated for responding to messages. Some patients also have concerns about having to deal with an online system, especially for patients with chronic conditions.

Another concern is the “rules of engagement” for MyChart. It’s important to understand this. The primary account holder is responsible for keeping sensitive information confidential. The adult granting access must sign a form, as well as the patient. Teens can also be granted access. However, adolescents must be at least 13 to set up their own account. They will need to sign a consent form to allow access to their health information.

The MyChart portal has a lot of features that help patients better manage their health. For example, patients can submit questions to their providers, schedule appointments, and even pay bills online. Patients can also use the portal to see their immunization records. They can also view past appointments and see their family records.

The portal has also been found to improve patient satisfaction. Many patients are satisfied with the way they can communicate with their providers. However, they may have concerns about the secure messaging feature. Some patients are concerned about the amount of time that providers spend responding to messages.

Reporting and registry capabilities allow RCA to manage patient groups better

Using Acumen 2.0, RenalCare Associates of Peoria, Illinois has become more efficient and effective at managing patient groups. The new system provides reporting and registry capabilities that allow the practice to improve patient care and demonstrate improved patient outcomes. RCA’s patients and families are less likely to experience feelings of isolation and confusion.

Acumen’s MyChart portal allows RCA’s patients to view and schedule appointments, retrieve their own medical records, and engage in direct communication with their physicians and nurses. The portal also includes practice-defined areas of the medical record, making it easier to navigate. The portal also includes a helpful feature to ensure patients are receiving helpful services.

The new system also provides a robust and standardized reports. RCA’s providers have worked closely with the Epic and Acumen teams to shape the new system and its content. The system was designed to meet the needs of nephrology practices. It also includes custom reports for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. The system also allows RCA to demonstrate continuous performance improvement. It also allows RCA to address the changing health care landscape.

The most notable features of the new system are its registries and reporting capabilities. The RCA is a member of the Central Illinois ESRD Seamless Care Organization, and its patients and families are increasingly demanding access to their medical records. The MyChart portal is an easy-to-use feature that allows RCA’s patients to schedule their own appointments. In addition, the RCA has access to patient information from the many hospitals in their network through Epic’s Care Everywhere system. It also allows for the import of data from other Epic providers.

The MyChart portal also includes a “Mirror-Moments-Menu-Measure-Moment-Merit-Motor-Measuring-Measuring-Measure” functionality. This function allows RCA’s patients to view practice-defined areas of the medical record, such as a patient’s lipid profile, and to view or download reports to review in their own time. The new system also includes a registry that allows RCA to accurately capture complex patient diagnoses, a key feature of the new system. It also includes a variety of other useful features to improve patient care and demonstrate improved patient outcomes.

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RCA is a development partner and site for Acumen 2.0

RCA is a development partner and site for Acumen 2.0, a new version of Acumen built on the Epic platform. Acumen 2.0 is designed to meet the clinical needs of a nephrology practice and facilitate everyday EHR use. It also includes a robust registry, reporting capabilities, and standard reports for business operations. Its MyChart portal allows patients to communicate directly with physicians and nurses, schedule appointments, and access their medical records.

The Acumen team has worked with Epic to develop Acumen 2.0, and they have worked closely with RCA providers to shape it. Acumen and Epic are committed to the success of the solution. In addition, both companies have invested key resources in the project.

RCA is one of the first development sites for Acumen 2.0. The practice is currently working with Acumen on a second large nephrology practice to test the new version.

Acumen 2.0 will support population health management. RCA is currently managing populations in two inpatient co-management contracts and in the Order of St. Francis-RenalCare resistant hypertension clinic. The practice is also a member of Epic’s Care Everywhere network, which enables the practice to import patient data from other Epic providers.

Acumen 2.0 provides RCA with the ability to manage patient groups more efficiently. It facilitates the recording of patient education and medication reconciliation, and it provides practice-defined areas of the medical record. Patients can also query the system to ensure they are receiving helpful services.

Acumen 2.0 is close to being released for general use. It supports the health care industry’s transition to value-based care. This allows practices to demonstrate continuous improvement in patient outcomes.

Acumen 2.0’s user interface is designed to meet the specific needs of nephrology practices. It’s a robust, practice-specific EHR that provides a streamlined workflow for physicians. It also helps practices handle value-based care challenges. Using the Acumen Epic Connect, practices can run more efficiently and help their patients receive safe care.

Acumen 2.0 will support population health and MACRA requirements. It will also improve visibility to longitudinal patient records. It will allow smaller private practices to demonstrate continuous improvement in patient care.

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