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Preparation of a concrete master plan for the water supply and sanitation sector in Lahore Governorate. Develop implementation plans for priority projects targeting regions until 2040. Rehman Habib Consultants provide top services in Pakistan for consultancy. Assess the current status of the Wasa organizational structure to deal with the effective management of the existing and expanded required services.

Rehman Habib Consultants Services

Rehman Habib Consultants design to increase the capacity of the 10 mg/day plant under construction to 20 mg/day Design a new treatment plant with a capacity of 20 mg/day in a suitable location east of the city Design arterial network improvements with necessary additions/modifications Survey, research and conduct research Create technical specifications for the project and PC-1 documentation.

Main shaft treatment pumping station

In order to improve Saudabad Malir’s water supply system, KWSB plans to lay a 36-inch diameter pipeline from Pipri treatment plant to Saudabad, which is a dedicated supply system. The current water scarcity in the region will be solved and the water will be distributed equitably around Merrill and Saudabad. The project is scheduled to be implemented within 14 months. MMP consultants were hired by KWSB for the detailed design and project supervision.

Environmental and Social Survey

The development of energy from coal is essential to Pakistan’s current and future energy needs. The discovery of an estimated 184.123 billion tons of low-ash, low-sulfur lignite reserves in the Tharparkar (Thar) desert in Sindh has sparked national and international interest. Rehman Habib Consultants. The study area covers 22,000 square kilometers in Tharparkar district and adjoining areas.

Assessment of existing infrastructure and proposal for rehabilitation and extension, including regularity framework review. Please check your customs fees. Introducing a sound financial management system based on the management information system

Rehman Habib Consultants In Pakistan

A map of the existing total water supply assets in 18 cities of the city of Karachi will be created, with special reference to water pipes ranging in diameter from 33 inches to 72 inches, to cover the water transmission and distribution system. Leak surveys that show leaks that have been repaired in the past show where leaks occur most frequently. Get professional consultancy services from Rehman Habib Consultants.

Create an aging plan for transmission and distribution systems to identify which parts of the system have reached the end of their economic design life and where there are visible signs of deterioration or damage leading to water loss.

In order to ensure fair distribution and measured flow of water to 18 cities of Karachi, the concept of weighing will be made according to the situation. Prepare full detailed design and technical quotation. We provide professional service for all contracts with an integrated team of qualified and experienced engineers. Oversees commissioning and configuration to operate according to defined standards.

Study of solid waste management

Studies on solid waste generation, including domestic, commercial, industrial and hospital waste. Study the composition of solid waste providing the necessary inputs for calculating organic and inorganic materials, recyclables, combustible wastes, etc. Existing vehicle fleets, and the location of official primary collection points for existing waste sites. Get data for time and motion studies to find them.

A time and travel study was also conducted by providing details of the route and daily duration of each vehicle currently involved in transporting solid waste from official primary collection points to existing landfills. List of existing physical infrastructure for solid waste management, including assets and staff that have been published by the municipality and all formally designated and undesignated primary collection points.

Provision/Extension of Transmission Pipeline

Consulting work consists of two phases. The steps and tasks that are being carried out are: I have made a modified detailed structural drawing of the part to be placed or moved. For existing contractors, review contract documents and provide additions as needed. Analyze market rates and review cost estimates. Senior oversight of conductor construction. Provide top oversight of implementation. Witness test and commissioning. Verified ‘final’ drawings provided by the contractor to support the client at the end of the project.

Mapping, Planning, Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Supervision Consulting Services

Water supply system mapping for 6 cities in northern Sindh Water supply master plan Water management master plan Solid waste management master plan Detailed technical design and technical specifications Drainage and drainage design Environmental protection documents Social protection documents Development of procurement documents and bid evaluation Construction supervision, project management Quality Control Subproject Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design Land Acquisition and Resettlement and Social Assessment Asbestos Management

Feasibility study and detailed design for the development

Rawalpindi, Water and Sewerage Authority has awarded M M Pakistan a contract for consultancy services for the “Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the Upgrade of the Rawal Lake Filtration Plant in Rawalpindi”. Top water supply consultancy by Rehman Habib Consultants. Rehman Habib Consultants are top consultants in Pakistan. The contract was signed on January 5, 2012 and it took three months to complete the study. The Consultant will need to identify suitable upgrades to the water treatment plant to treat raw water from Roal Lake.

Rehman Habib Consultants advisory services

Assist in certification of hydrographic surveys, design work and cost estimates. Construction supervision. Quality assurance with specific standards and design. Supporting social mobilization, mass mobilization and awareness campaigns. Organizing seminars and workshops for mass mobilization and awareness campaigns. Preparing the database for the work done in the project.

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