Self-Feeding Juicer for celery – New Additions 2023


Are you tired of putting effort into an eclectic Juicer for celery and looking for an automatic and manual featured juicer? If yes, then HUrom has made your dream come true by offering you the latest and first-ever self-feeding Juicer on the market. The H – AI is the foremost and the first self-feeding Juicer designed by the most famous juicer brand, Hurom. The Juicer is fitted with high-tech features and has juicing technology that no other juicer has. It will be right to say that this Juicer is the new feature of the Juicer. 

But is it worth the hype, and should you consider this Juicer? This article contains a detailed description of its specifications to answer this question. So, let’s see what makes this Juicer a top-feeding juicer among all appliances.

H-AL self-feeling juicer specifications

Following are the features of this self-feeding Juicer that decide whether this juice is worth buying.


The H-Ai juicer for celery is a compact and robust design that is ideal for traveling and can be easily placed on any countertop. Besides that, it comes with a small hopper drive that offers the juice a smooth and nice flow. Its hopper is the latest feature that almost every other juicer lacks. With this feature, the user feeds the ingredients of different sizes towards the auger for extraction. There will be no need for preparation while using this feature.

Furthermore, beneath the Juicer is a vertical pulp collector that is wider than other pulp collectors. This collector is vertical and collects pulp in larger amounts to offer the ease of removing pulp again and again. Its free degree collects the juice while working and takes out every drop of juice once you are done.

Moreover, its alpha plus components and in-built hex cog make the juicing slick and make this Juicer an ideal juicer for celery.


To improve the performance of this self-feeding Juicer, the hopper is there to make this Juicer a high-end juicer. The hopper is extra wide, allowing you to place any type and size of fruits and vegetables in the Juicer. Then, the hopper will move these ingredients towards the auger for good extraction. Hence, this feature allows you to easily extract juice from any item without fear of clogging.


This item is the perfect choice for cleaning and maintenance if you are tired of cleaning bulky and many Juicer tools. Luckily, the H-AI self-feeding juicer has BPA-free removable alpha components tools that are removable with one click. There is a spinning brush that you can easily use to clean the screen while juicing.


As the hopper is the latest feature of this Juicer, with this specification, you will be able to have a versatile juicer too. You can easily use this Juicer to make smoothies, sausages, and purees.

Easy to use

You can easily use this item to make juice with its auger and spinning brush. Like a masticating juicer, this Juicer also offers a quiet environment to make juice anywhere. Additionally, its alpha component can be removed easily in just one click and offers easy maintenance.


The best part about this Juicer is that the body is equipped with stainless steel material, and the body is slightly bulky. Its heavy base ensures that the item remains sturdy on the countertop and avoids sleeping while working. Along with that, Hurom offers 10 years of unlimited warranty to its users along with customer support.

Speed control

In this Juicer, the control dial has replaced the common switch. This control dial comes with various speed options that make this Juicer distinctive from the power xl juicer, as it lacks this feature as the fastest. Hence, the H-AI speed control dial offers to extract juice from fruits and vegetables as per your need.


This item is an automatic self-feeding juicer that is more versatile and durable enough than all the juicers on the market. Not just that, this Juicer is a completely new addition to the Juicer’s family. With its innovative features and automatic tools, the Juicer offers ease of maintenance to its users.


With all its amazing features, this slow self-feeding Juicer costs $700. But, if you are lazy about juicing and want one solution, this Juicer is worth the price.

Is it with buying – the verdict

Hurom has come up with a new range of juicers in the market. This Juicer has the latest features and offers versatility and durability that no other juicer had before. So, to know if this juice is worth buying, head to our side to get your answers.

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