How durable are skateboards?


Skateboards can be harmed during the first session, although they are generally durable. The longevity of skateboarding is influenced by your aggression, frequency of usage, amount of trickery, and level of maintenance. Your choices are more significant than the skateboard’s lifespan, not the other way around.

If you want your skateboard to last, you must handle it with extreme caution. Skateboards shouldn’t be left outside in the rain. Additionally, remember to clean and oil your bearings. Knowing when to repair your deck, bearings and wheels, trucks, and bushings is crucial.

Skateboards are only as durable as their parts. Any parts that are broken or are threatening the integrity of your skateboard can be exchanged for new ones. You may swap out your skateboard’s old or sluggish bearings to make it feel like new again. Almost every component of your skateboard is affected by this.

How long does the deck of a skateboard last?

Skateboard decks might survive for many years or for a short while. It all relies on your level of skating proficiency, your ability to land on the deck, and the frequency with which you utilise it.

A skateboard deck can last between three and six months for a skater who is committed to developing new abilities. If they receive proper care and are not mistreated, they can endure for years. It is possible to destroy some decks during the first session.

You ought to pick a company that backs up its goods. Skateboard decks often come with a 30-day warranty. You will receive a new deck if the old one fails within that time frame. Skateboards come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Skateboards may they shatter easily?

Broken skateboards are possible. A child or parent breaking a skateboard after a few months is common. It’s acceptable as long as they’re attempting flips or ollies. If the skateboard is properly cared for and utilised for transportation or cruising, it can survive for many years.

To make sure your skateboard lasts as long as possible, keep it dry and away from moisture. When not in use, keep your skateboard dry and cold. Make careful to disassemble the board and store it in a dry, cool area if you want to take an extended vacation from skating.

If you want a skateboard that can survive a lot of punishment, brands like Powell-Peralta or Girl are great choices. These companies manufacture durable decks of the highest calibre.

When should my deck be replaced?

Your deck has to be replaced if it has been split in two. How do you determine when to replace the skateboard deck? If your board has a razor tail or is producing stress fractures at its truck mounts, it’s time for a new deck. You can use your board until it stops working or until you have enough cash to buy a new one if you don’t want to replace it right away.

The lifespan of skateboard bearings is unknown.

How long your skateboard bearings last depends on the quality of your bearings, how often you clean and oil them, and how hard you use them. Every few months to years, bearings may need to be changed.

However, skilled and dedicated skaters could every now and then need a fresh set of bearings. They must routinely clean and lube their skateboard bearings if they want to get the most out of them.

You increase the lifespan of your skateboard’s bearings, be sure to clean them frequently and grease them with oil. If your bearings are making a lot of noise, they should be replaced.

How durable are skateboard bushings?

Skateboard bushings are made of the same polyurethane. Like the wheels, they will ultimately wear out or lose their durability. Your skating style and frequency will affect how long it takes for your skates to wear out.

If your trucks seem loose, you might want to think about buying new bushings. You may spend up to 10 times as much on new trucks as on bushings. Bushings are available for $5 to $10. New bushings will be the greatest choice if grinding has seriously harmed trucks.

When should my bushings be changed?

As soon as your skateboard bushings start to harden or crumble, you should replace them. New bushings will make your truck feel brand-new after they are installed. Every six to two years, your bushings should be replaced. If your bushings are older than two years, you should replace them for a smoother ride.


A skateboard is made up of several elements, each of which has a distinct lifespan. The length of time your skateboard will last depends on how often you use it, how well you take care of it, and what sort of skating you perform.

A good skateboard should last anywhere from six to several years. If skateboards are properly maintained and cared for, they may last up to ten years.

An investment that will last a lifetime is skateboarding. If you treat your skateboard well, it should last you at least ten years. Regularly inspect your skateboard, and replace any broken components as soon as you can. By doing this, you’ll get many more years of use out of your skateboard.

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