Can I get banned for buying YouTube subscribers?


Being successful now has become challenging; although starting YouTube is free and straightforward, looking for channels with millions of subscribers or views may make you think about buying subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Buying subscribers, it’s an ongoing debate whether it is right or wrong. Is it violating legitimate methods of promoting the organic growth of the channel? Purchasing subscribers and views are more damaging than people who do publicity stunts to get more subscribers and views.

Suppose you are buying YouTube subscribers or views first. In that case, you should make sure that from whomever the provider with whom you are going to purchase, you make sure it’s doing a trustworthy business because it can be a scam of providing false subscribers just for money. 

Let’s see what the odds of buying subscribers that may hurt your channel and ruin your channel: are –

1. The odds of getting banned: –

If you are thinking of buying subscribers, your most concerning thought is, will I banned? This is entirely within reason because your priority should to avoid penalized by YouTube. What if the YouTube algorithm catches you buying fake views? Your video will removed. It would be best to understand that fake views mean views generated by a bot.

Buying real human subscribers and views is a bit difficult, not technically against the rules, but it can be risky if the subscribers and views results make YouTube think you are using a bot.

2. What are the other risks of buying subscribers: –

Besides banned, there other risks involved with buying subscribers. The whole point behind buying fake subscribers is to make your look more popular so that real subscribers attracted, but many YouTubers need to attract real customers; you need to rank in YouTube’s search engine.

The time viewers spend watching your video is the most crucial statistic for determining how well-ranked your videos are in search queries on YouTube. If you buy fake subscribers or views, the viewer retention rates will be the same.

3. Why fake YouTube subscribers are a waste of money: –

Buying fake subscribers will not help you get videos in front of real viewers; even after buying subscribers, your video and your channel will continue to perform poorly in the search results as long as the viewer’s retention rates remain low.

Sometimes, subscribers you have paid for need to be watching your videos. If suddenly your count shoots up but views and watch time do not reflect and are the same as before, YouTube will pick up this point, and you have to face any official disciplinary action, and the videos can pulled down.

What to do if you get caught because of fake subscribers and views: –

If YouTube finds and removes your video for artificially inflating your view count can try to restore your video by filling out the YouTube view abuse appeal form. Even if your video restored, your channel gets a red flag; it’s not the kind you get for copyright violation, but an internal one that keeps YouTube’s algorithm alert in case you try to do the same thing again.

Fooling YouTube more than once gaming the system may result in your videos permanently removed, or your channel can suspended. Make sure your provider provides safe services and gives services that will not raise red flags with your YouTube algorithm.

The only way you can guarantee that if they intend on delivering high retention views that means that real people will click on your video and will watch it from the beginning until the end. Buying subscribers is riskier than buying views, but some services will still provide better services than others.

What to consider while buying YouTube subscribers: –

Buying subscribers for popularity and buying subscribers to make more money and profit are entirely different. As you should know, YouTube videos monetized through AdSense, the regulatory body with strict rules and regulations about trying to trick the system. caught AdSense can result in banned from using AdSense, which means that your account will suspended, and you can no longer open your account. 

The best advice for people or creators who want to buy subscribers or views for their channel is to go through official channels. The reason for buying real subscribers or views isn’t technically against the rules because google could say to sell views itself through its ad services. Paying Google for YouTube subscribers is highly unlikely to backfire on you; At the same time, you can also hire freelancers to get you legitimate subscribers and views; their services’ quality can range from good to bad, and it can take a lot of work to find reliable reviews.

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