How to Stream on Twitch?


The digital world is racing towards innovations and technologies, and people of all ages have started using social media during leisure and, of course, even when they have work or study. Social media has become the most used platform by people worldwide. Especially during the pandemic, various digital platforms are being used to show talent, get famous and even earn money. One such fast evolution is the Livestream platform, about which this content will be brief here.

Among the other Livestream platforms, twitch is the fastest evolving stage where one could show their talents or Livestream their routine, irrespective of the genre. 

This is the most viewed platform with 67% of viewers, whereas the once most famous YouTube has only 22%. 

 So one could ask, how could I live stream on twitch? Damn, dude, it is as easy as adding. We’ll know right now how to install an application from the play store or App Store. Install twitch in any of these and yes, create an account.

All you need is a good internet connection, a smartphone/mac/laptop, and a unique skill in which you master basically ‘good content. And if you are to show your gaming skills or any other which requires other technologies, make sure you have the required applications and modern gadgets.

Once you create a profile, go on with your Livestream by pressing the “go live” button as simple as that.

If you are going to stream games, you’ll also be given the list of games you wish to flow and could select from them. For streaming via PC and MAC, you’ll need a software version of twitch. You can also opt for OBS options for free services or the paid mac-native live. However, twitch has now introduced its free studio application to start on PC or MAC.

Firstly, you have to go to twitch. Tv, the official website of twitch stream, create your profile or log in to your account if you already have an account. The onboarding prompt will help you through the process. You also have to connect your microphone and webcam.

The twitch studio also allows customization of your Livestream with unique, different scenes and backgrounds.

Other options include on-air notifications, chat boxes, and more. One thing is you have to keep on practicing till you get the hang of the whole application.

Over with the essential part. If you want to get a huge fan base or you wish to become an online celebrity, what are the ways?

The first thing you have to concentrate on is the essential skill you have—the genre you choose. Whatever genre you choose, make sure that you are skilled in it. The skills you have mainly speak in front of a vast online audience.

Secondly, you must focus on the uniqueness and innovations you bring out in your stream. One can easily stream anything, but how you stream and stand will get you more views. 

People are more likely to admire innovations and the advancement of technology. Moreover, millions and millions of streams are all over the platform, and the audience gets to see thousands and thousands of streamers with the same genre. And you have to make the audience turn towards you with your unique way, innovation, and streaming style. It requires much perseverance and determination to shine out in this field. There might be a lot of threats, negativity, shaming, and trolls all over, even by unnamed and unknown users. These things should not let you down if you wish to shine. Always remember that there are also people who support you. You also must focus on providing the best entertainment through your streams and not disappoint them. Keep in mind they are your consumers from a business point of view.

How to earn money?

Are you a student, unemployed, and looking to earn money online? Or a part-time job to save you some pocket money? Again twitch is one such platform where you can make some money.

To earn money, ensure you have a huge fan base or following.

You can quickly get donations from the viewers, and you know how to lure them into providing for you. One can donate by just clicking on the donate button and donating using PayPal and other third-party apps.

Collaborations might help. Yes, you can also collaborate with brands that pay you money, and in turn, you prompt their products on your Livestream. And what else? You can also start your brand and start merchandising your products. You can become your brand ambassador, and if you start your merchandise, you already have your marketing partner with no implied cost. That is one easy way of earning money and establishing your brand.

Now you can also affiliate with the twitch app to earn money. The only requirement is you have to have a minimum of 500 minutes of the broadcast, a minimum of seven broadcast days, an average of three viewers, and at least 50 followers. You can also earn via subscriptions for chat rooms and exclusive viewing of “Make hay while the sun shines” I hope you better understand the proverb. With the advancement of the digital world, growing online audience, and competitive social media, it is our time to make the most of it. Good luck.

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